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Private Cabs
During the Hajj season, many car owners ...
Driving Tips
Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi ...
Car for hire
You can hire a private vehicle – car ...
From the airport
Makkah does not have an airport. Land ...
The Saudi Arabia Public Transport ...
Taxi is the most common and easiest way ...
City in a Day
Your day in Makkah will typically begin with the Fajr prayers at the Masjid-e-Haram. Or, if ...
Celebrated after the month of Ramadan ends when the new moon of the next month is sighted. This is ...
The Muslim pilgrimage to the house of God, Ka'aba. Muslims from all over the world gather in Mecca ...
To commemorate the sacrifice of Abraham when he agreed to slaughter his son Ishmael when asked by ...
When to go
If going for Hajj pilgrimage, check the Lunar calendar. For Umra, the best times are during the ...

Makkah, saudi arabia

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Makkah today
One of the oldest cities in the region and home to the most holy of all Muslim sites (Christian and Jewish too for some), Makkah receives over 3.5 million people alone during the Hajj season, and well over 15 million people throughout the year. This clearly keeps up with English definition for “Mecca” meaning: A place that attracts many visitors. The city is in the middle of a desert so summer temperatures can often soar into the fifties. Winter temperatures drop to 15 degree Celsius.

The city has, over the centuries, evolved to cater largely to pilgrims, with hotels dotting t

Makkah back then
The history of Makkah dates all the way to the time of Prophet Abraham, when he left the suckling Ishmael along with his mother, Hajra  under a tree on the hillock. Years later, Abraham returned and, on God’s orders, built the Ka'aba. The city steadily grew into an important trading city in the region, largely because of the holy spring of Zam Zam offering water to thirsty travellers in passing caravans. In 560 AD Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born to one of the powerful tribes inhabiting the city. In 600 AD, Islam was revealed at the Jabal-e-Noor (Cave of Hira) to Muhammad (SAW). Consequently

Al Safwah Royale Orchid
Situated exactly opposite the King Abdul Aziz gate, Ka'aba and Haram views offered from this hotel a
Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental Makkah
This seven star hotel boasts breathtaking views of the Ka'aba from its upper floors. Its main entran
Mercure Grand Umm Al Qurah Mecca
Down the road from Masjid-al-Haraam, this five star hotel is situated in the thick of the commercial
Movenpick Hotel & Residence Hajar Tower Makkah.
Gleaming views of the Ka'aba and the Masjid-al-Haram over the King Abdul Aziz Gate, the Movenpick To
The Hilton Makkah
This ominous v shaped hotel towers above the Masjid-al-Haram. Having a multitude of residency option
Mercure Hibatullah
This is a three star hotel with quaint rooms and public wired internet in the lobby. Rooms come with

The best shoes that come from Italy. Bearing the name of the fashion capitol of Italy and arguably t

Selective range of the best accessories ranging from perfumes to hand bags and top of the l
Al Abraj Al Bait Towers & Shopping Mall
With the activities in Makkah being centred around the Haraam, all the markets are too. The Al Abraj
Trendy label for women. Yes, women dress conservatively in Saudi Arabia, but no one can peek under t
Al Diyafah Souk Mall
Departmental store type shopping which has a range of mid level brands on offer. It has a number of
This is a Chinese based ladies shoes, hand bags and accessories store.


The holy month of Ramadan is when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. This is also a popular time for Mu
Celebrating the Arabic culture. Two weeks of sports like . The fact that it is inaugurated by the Cr
Unification of the Kingdom
Not entirely a festival. Treated more so as an unofficial Holiday.
The Muslim pilgrimage to the house of God, Ka'aba. Muslims from all over the world gather in Mecca f
Celebrating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad
To commemorate the sacrifice of Abraham when he agreed to slaughter his son Ishmael when asked by Go

Al Tazaj Chicken and BBQ
Al Tazaj is a local initiative into the fried and BBQ chicken market. Its trademark is the butterfly
Ridan provides platters of traditional Saudi food. You will find the local favourites of Mandi, Ferm
Burger King
The famous American burger chain extends the same great taste that you are used to at home.
Al Baik
With average meals costing between SAR 5 – 11 and lines stretching around the block, Al Baik is th
Another fast food chain part of the Americana Group, Hardees provides sandwiches, burgers, fries and
This restaurant is located in the Grand Mercure hotel. Offering a variety of international and orien


In Muslim countries there is usually a masjid at every street corner so we are not listing masjids here.

What to do with Children in Makkah
It’s strenuous enough to be in Makkah on your own, to have to manage kids on such a trip is a herculean task.

There is not ...

Prayer Timings - Makkah

FajrSunrise ZuhrAsr MaghribIsha

In Muslim countries the food served in most restaurants is Halal so we are not listing halal restaurants here.

Health and Safety
What you need·         Pack medications in clearly labeled containers. Triple dose of regular medicine, each kept ...

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