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It is almost impossible to see the entire city of Melbourne in a single day, however if you are ...
Midsumma Festival
This is a festival for the gay, lesbian and transgender art and community at city venues, ...
Melbourne Fringe Festival
The Melbourne Fringe Festival embraces a wide array of art forms where the performers spice up the ...
Spring Racing Carnival
This is one of the world’s greatest horse-racing carnivals, and is a sporting event which one ...
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Melbourne is a city that is famous for having all four seasons in a single day, but the finest and ...

Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne today
The city of Melbourne comprises of the epitome brought about by the amalgamation of various ethnicities which include those of China, Cambodia, Greece, Italy and Poland. Without the arrival of these civilizations the city would have been another colony under the rule of the British. It was primarily after World War 2 that the city went into a state of transition and developed into the city as we know it today. However, this development turned into a major reason of rivalry between Melbourne and neighbor Sydney, traces of which can be found very clearly even to this day. During the reign of Ken

Melbourne back then
Melbourne is considered one of the youngest cities of the world. It came into being in the year 1835 by the efforts of Tasmanian businessmen. The discovery of gold mines in the city attracted people from various areas to settle there, and eventually lead to the formation of Victoria, with Melbourne being declared its capital. This massive movement of people from different nations, played an instrumental role in transforming the outlook of the city as far as architecture and infrastructure are concerned. This rapid movement towards development suffered a periodic slowdown, due to severe economi

Crown towers Melbourne
Crown tower hotel of Melbourne simply redefines the benchmarks providing a luxurious and opulent out
Grand Hyatt Hotel Melbourne
The convention famous about this hotel is that it is the dream destination for the rich and the famo
The Luxurious Langham Hotel Melbourne
Elegance, magnificence and opulence are some of the terminologies which define the pampered and soph
Westin Hotel Melbourne
This hotel is an authentic representative of the French epitome which provides you with the feeling
Fountain Terrace Hotel
The tranquility and charisma dwelling in the Fountain Terrace hotel of Melbourne is comparable to an
Ibis Hotel
This economically affordable holiday spot has been endorsed by various internationally acknowledged

The place is one of the most energetic shopping places of Melbourne which allows you to experience a
David Jones
One of the most expensive and favorite shopping malls for tourists and for the people of Australia.
GPO Shopping Mall
The shopping place which came into inception in the year 2004 quickly transformed into an ideal plac
Myer Melbourne
One of the oldest and largest shopping malls in Australia, the place id truly a shopping nirvana whe
Feng Shui Network
One of the most favorite crystals shop in the city which allows you to gain exposure to the most div
High Point
The enormous shopping complex draws visitors and tourists from all around the world as high point is

Meredith Music Festival
If you want to combine the fun of camping, and listening to the best underground music, then Meredit
Melbourne International Arts Festival
One of the most significant festivals in Melbourne, highlighting the global art forms of dance, thea
St Jeromes Laneway Festival
This festival gives local and international actors a chance to perform to the best of their ability
Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
This festival presents an illustration of Melbourne’s gastronomic intrinsic worth. The 16 days of
Melbourne Writers' Festival
This festival will appeal to fans of great literature. Books written by world renowned authors are
St Kilda Film Festival
This festival features the Australian art of short-film-making, in which the people show their creat

The restaurant is famous for its exceptional Italian cuisine and atmosphere which is extremely capti
The menu of this restaurant provides you an innumerable diversity of cuisine conceptualizing supreme
Butchers Grill, Meat & Wine Cellar?
The place is considered idyllic for people who love to enjoy cuisines of grilled meat in particular.
Taco Bill Mexican Restaurant Brighton
The renowned restaurant which is strategically situated on Bay Street has been providing excellent M
Gurkhas Express
If you are looking to enjoy authentic Nepalese food in Melbourne then this restaurant known as Gurkh
Indian Palace Restaurant
Following the legacy of Taco Bill a restaurant like Indian Palace also implements upon the same prin

Fast Facts
Location: Melbourne is situated in the heart of the Yarra River, towards the north-eastern seashore of Port Philip. It was formed in the past by the merging of the nations of Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung.
Melbourne is located at the latitude 37 degrees 49 minutes south and longitude 144 degrees 58 minutes east on the south-east edge of Australia. Moreover, the prime location of the city at the zenith of the large Port Philip makes it possible for the Melbournians to enjoy a moderate temperate.
Dialing code: +613

-Emergency numbers :

Police,: 000
Fire: 000
Ambulance: 000
Tourist Information Helpdesk: +613 9297 1805
Car Breakdown Service: 132042
Highway Patrol: +613 690-3900
Telephone Directory Services: 1223
Airport Enquiry: +613 9297 1600
Railway Enquiry: +613 1800 652 313
Population: 4 million

-Languages: The official language is English, however more than 100 languages are spoken by the city's residents.
-Time zone: AEST (UTC+10)
-Average January temperatures:  25.8C
-Average July temperatures: 13.4C
-Annual rainfall:  646.9 mm

What to do with Children in Tow
1.Melbourne Aquarium

The ocean is an enchanting place with vibrancy in life which varies from clime to clime ...
Health and Safety
Melbourne has emerged as one of the favorite tourist destinations in contemporary times. It is however very surprising to know that a city ...

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