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City in a day

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ImageSeeing the whole of Moscow in one day is an impossible task. A good idea would be to concentrate on one part of the city so that time is not wasted in travel. Visitors can get a fairly good idea of all of Moscow's treasures by basing themselves in the vicinity of the Red Square. It would be advisable to follow the guide below.


The Red Square should be the first stop and tourists should start out early in the morning. This historical structure is not to be missed especially since Lenin's mausoleum stands here.


Following this, tourists may proceed to the Kremlin. The Kremlin consists of a number of cathedrals and museums. Taking the time constraint into consideration tourists must still reserve at least 3- 4 hours for the Kremlin. Of the five cathedrals built here tourists should visit the Cathedral of the Assumption which is arguably the most spectacular of them all. The Armory Museum should not be missed either- both give a concrete idea of Russia's history and the protagonists and antagonists who made it. Emerging from the museum tourists should take a brisk walk around the Alexander Gardens where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a sight to behold.


For lunch, tourists should stop over at the Okhotny Ryad shopping centre, one of Moscow's famous malls located right outside the Kremlin. After dining in the food court where international fast food outlets as well as Russian bistros have set up shop, visitors can have a quick look round before heading out once again.


Tourists should now stroll along one of Moscow's most famous streets- Tverskaya Street. Bolshoi Theatre is worth walking through since visitors will probably not to be able to spare enough time for a performance. Tourists should keep an eye out so as not to miss the renowned statue of Karl Marx, Russia's revolutionary leader at Revolution Square which is opposite the theatre.


Visitors should now move on to Moscow's famous neighborhood: Arbat. Russian literature lovers should make a quick stop over at the Pushkin House Museum. Others can take it easy and step into the numerous souvenir and arts and crafts shops that dot Arbat Street. Traditional Russian goods such as embroidered linen and wooden carved boxes are available along with a number of other knick-knacks.


Tourists are likely to be exhausted at this point- unwind by visiting Genatsvale; a restaurant specializing in Georgian Cuisine located nearby. Georgian food holds a significant place in the Russian diet. The atmosphere is easy and unpretentious and the delicious meat and vegetarian dishes will fail to disappoint.


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