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The Arbat

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ImageWhile much of what is sold here is over priced and readily available in other shopping areas, a few of the Arts and Crafts shops are worth the visit. Traditional Russian goods such as embroidered sheets/ linen and carved wooden boxes are available here. These are the shops worth stopping at in Arbat:


Russian Antiques are sold here.

Address: 6/2 and 18 Arbat

Tel: 095-202-4100


Art Point
This shop carries a collection of casual wear. The clothes can be best described as quirky, eccentric, unconventional but fun.

Address: 41 Arbat


Smolensky Passage

This is a mall with a number of small shops contained within it.

Address: 3/5 Arbat


Ivan Tsarevich

This store sells a wonderful collection of souvenirs.

Address: 4 Arbat

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The Arbat
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