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The minimum age at which driving is ...
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From the airport
Nice's airport is connected to the city ...
Nice has a very good public ...
Nice-Ville SNCF is Nice's main train ...
Best of the City in One Day
If you only have a day in Nice it would be best to spend the morning seeing some of the main ...
Christmas Star International Regatta
This important annual event taking place in the Bay of Angels is organized by Nice's Water Club. 30 ...
Nice Jazz Festival
The annual Jazz Festival in Nice goes on for eight days and is one of three main jazz festivals ...
Celebration of Catherine Segurane
The story behind this festival is rather amusing. The Turkish armies were about to attack Nice in ...
When to go
Located on the south-east coast of France, Nice is one of the most popular destinations in the ...

Nice, France


Nice today
Located in southern France on the Mediterranean coast, Nice is a popular beach resort on the French Riviera or Côte d'Azur. It lies between Marseille and Genoa and has an old charm which mixes with the cosmopolitan feel to provide the perfect combination. It developed into a popular tourist destination in the 19th century and wealthy people from all over Europe started coming to the city. Nice is renowned for its vibrant seafront promenades. The city is a haven of culture, with many museums, bustling street cafes, a vibrant nightlife and lively festivals the whole year

Nice back then
The first settlements in the area which is now Nice, date back 400,000 years. Nice was created by the ancient Greeks. In the 1st century BC, the Romans made the settlement a provincial capital, which remained so until continued attacks by various invaders during the 3rd to the 10th centuries forced the settlers closer to the sea. Control of Nice passed through many hands from the French King Louis XIV to the new French Republic to the Italians and then back to the French. This constant change in powers lasted nearly 400 years during the 18th century.  During the 19th century Nice started

La Pérouse
If a fabulous view is what you're looking for. then La Perouse is where you s
Hôtel Négresco
Wallow in the lap of luxury in a hotel fit for a king. The Negresco, one of t
Palais Maeterlinck
Home to Belgian Nobel laureate Maurice Maeterlinck during the period between
Palais de la Méditerranée
This 1930's ocean-front hotel has been hailed as the Queen of the Nice Rivier
Radisson SAS Nice
Located on the sea front Promenade des Anglais , this modern, efficient hotel
Hôtel Busby
Early 20th century grandeur faded with time is what you can expect at the Hot

Galeries Lafayette
This is one of the most famous department stores in France. This store is on
Blanc Bleu
This sweater shop is famous for its sweaters which are inspired by sailors. Y
This world-renowned designer house carries fashionable clothes which include
Emporio Armani
This renowned Italian designer offers expensive men's clothing ranging from suits, and ties to trous
J. C. Planet
JC Planet is a store carrying clothing and accessories from brand names such as Guess, Fornarina, Mo
Comptoir des Cotonniers
This shop for women's clothing is located at rue Massena, Nice's pedestrian s

Manca Music Carnival
This is an annual festival which the Centre National de Création Musicale (CIRM) in Nice arranges.
The Gourd Festival
Held in the Cimiez Gardens annually, this festival honors the gourd vegetable and marks the end of t
Mardi Gras or Carnival
This is a ten day festival dating back to the Middle Ages, that spills over from the middle of Febru
Celebration of Catherine Segurane
The story behind this festival is rather amusing. The Turkish armies were about to attack Nice in 15
Living Nativity Scene
This is a live re-creation of the Nativity Scene and is on display during the week leading to Christ
Christmas Star International Regatta
This important annual event taking place in the Bay of Angels is organized by Nice's Water Club. 30

This is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Nice. The chef here comes up with a very creative
Le Safari
The décor here is simple and the food is served in generous portions. All au
Au Petit Gari
This wonderful restaurant is located at the Place Garibaldi and has a traditional décor. The staff
Restaurant d'Angleterre
This is a small restaurant located near the train station serving good food with large portions. The
Flo Brasserie
This is one of a chain of restaurants having a lovely decor and a very good s
This restaurant is located in the Musician's Quarter near the Promenade des Anglais. It is a very ni

Fast Facts
South-eastern France, on the Meditteranean Coast

72 sq km
28 sq miles
345, 892
Dialing code: +33 04
Euro  (€)

Ethnic mix:
47% of the total population of Nice is French while 16% are of Monegasque origin. 16% are of Italian origin and 21% are of other nationalities.

French, English

Time zone:
GMT/UTC +1 (Central European Time)

Emergency Numbers:

Average January Temperatures:
Average July Temperatures:
Annual Rainfall :   Electricity: 

What to do with children in tow
There are more than seven public and fifteen private beaches in Nice where you can take your kids to ...
Health & Safety
It is important to have proper travel insurance when traveling to France. No immunizations are necessary for traveling to Nice and there ...

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