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Along with buses, Prague also has a ...
From the Airport
Prague’s Ruzyne Airport is located ...
Alongside the Bus and Tram services, ...
Car for hire
There are a number of rental car ...
Driving Tips
The speed limit is 50kph (31mph) in ...
If you can help it, avoid catching ...
City in a day
One day is too short a time to spend in this fascinating city. However one of the great things ...
A massive carnival with street parties, fireworks and concerts that starts on Friday and culminates ...
Anniversary of Jan Palach’s Death
Occurring on the 19th of January people congregate in Wenceslas Square at the Jan Palach Memorial ...
Easter Monday
This universal holiday is heralded by an old Czech ritual. In Prague men of all ages chase their ...
When to go
The hot, crowded European summers are not ideal. Though the city experiences an influx of visitors ...

Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague Today
Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Prague has opened its doors to international visitors and garnered the reputation of a crowded, touristy, party filled place. The city has devoted itself to cleaning up its act but some would argue that you don’t always get what you pay for. Taxis still over charge, pick pockets still operate and if you go out at night you could bump into a rambunctious stag party. Indeed the capital of sleaze, as the city has been called on occasion, does still hold onto its saucy vices. But Prague does try hard to make everyone happy: high class restaurants sit next to

Prague History
Like any major city, Prague’s origins are based on legends. According to the myth, the site of Prague was founded by Libuse, a daughter of an ancient Czech ruler, and the man she chose to be her husband, Premysl. Their decedents would later build Prague Castle. The city became the center of nobility and developed a flourishing slave trade as European merchants settled here. In 1257, Malá Strana was established by King Otakar II as the primary district of the German people, defended by fortifications.

    However Prague’s greatest era was under Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV

Alchymist Residence Nosticova
A classy 17th century villa, rooms come with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Two of the rooms
Diplomat Hotel Praha
Located a short ride outside of the city centre, this hotel is only 20 minutes from the airport by c
Hotel Domus Henrici
There are only eight rooms in this establishment but they are of a high-standard and only a four min
Hotel Savoy
A peaceful place with first class service and modern rooms, the Savoy has hosted famous people such
Pachtuv Palace
The former residence of a count, this residence generates a lot of talk amongst the Prague elite. It
Hotel Certovka
Named after the canal on which it sits, this hotel is near the Charles Bridge with views of that and

Gate 21
Located in Old Town, this so-cool-it-hurts kind of clothes shop is definitely not for the person loo
Located right in the city center, this shopping mall opened in 2007 is the largest in the Czech Repu
Slovansky Dum
Right in the middle of Old Town, this shopping center is all about high-end class. Its shops stock d
Granat Turnov
Prague is noted for its garnet jewelry but this store is the largest national manufacturer. From gen
Hrzanska Pasaz
A shopping passage ideal for tourists, this place offers Bohemian crystal, souvenir shops and specia
Admittedly 9 kilometers out of the centre of Prague, this shopping centre is worth the easy metro an

Burcak Wine Festivals
Burcak is a sweet wine that appears during the grape harvesting season during autumn. Availability i
Prague Writer’s Festival
PWF is a major European literary event. Some of the past honourable guests have been Margaret Atwood
Christmas and New Year
Get ready for a magical season of festivities with a massive Christmas tree set up in the Old Town S
Dance Prague
Held in multiple theatres, this is an international festival of modern dance.            
St Matthew Fair
A funfair full of rollercoaster, rides and many food stalls in Vystaviste from February 24th to East
A massive carnival with street parties, fireworks and concerts that starts on Friday and culminates

Cafe No. 1
A modern cafe that likes to play the latest techno music, Cafe No. 1 has 12 different types of hot c
Svata Klara
For something completely different this restaurant has one defining feature other than its food: the
Platyz Cafe-Bar
Found in a little courtyard passage off Narodni, this place offers a variety of Italian cuisine incl
U Jednoho Pokoje
A very exclusive restaurant where the address and contact details are vague, you must make reservati
Klub Architektu
Don’t let the ‘club’ part of the name fool you; this place serves quality Czech food along in
Cafe Slavia
A restaurant with a literary bent, this used to be the favorite eatery of author Milan Kundera as we

Fast Facts

Population: 1.19 million
Language: Czech
Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 1
Average January temperature: -1°C
Average July temperature: 19°C
Annual rainfall: 527mm   Emergency telephone numbers
     General emergency number 112
     Fire 150
     Ambulance 155
     Municipal police 156 - Police 158
     Tourist Information Helpdesk + 420 221 714 444 (in English and German)
     Car Breakdown Service 1240
     Highway Patrol - unknown
     Airport Enquiry (02) 2011 3314/21
     Railway Enquiry +420 224 224 200
     Telephone Directory Services (national/international) 1180/1181
     First aid 141 23 - Pharmacy first aid 141 24
     Dental first aid 141 22 Telephone enquiries
     Directory enquiries for the Czech Republic - 1180
     Directory enquiries for International calls - 1181
     National operator - 133 002

What to do with Children in Tow?
With its fascinating architecture, Prague can be thought of as an ancient place for children to be enthralled by and enjoy. Along with ...
Health and Safety
There are many pharmacies in Prague, identified as lékárna, and most city districts have one that stays open 24 hours. Among the most ...

Prayer Timings

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