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Car for hire
Renting a car in Tokyo is not ...
Using buses in Tokyo can be tedious at ...
Taxis are plentiful, dotting every ...
Driving Tips
Driving yourself around in Tokyo is not ...
Trains in Tokyo are operated by East ...
The subway system in Tokyo is world ...
Tokyo in a Day
Viewing all of Tokyo in one day is, as with any other city in the world, an impossible task. ...
FIVB World Grand Prix Volleyball Women’s Finals
Tokyo hosts the finals of this important international event every year in the month of August. ...
Tokyo Jazz Festival
This festival is held annually at the Tokyo International Forum. Jazz artists and bands from around ...
Dream Yosakoi Festival
This event is held annually in Odaiba. Yosakoi is a traditional form of dance. This event is ...
When to go
The best time to visit Tokyo is in the spring season from March to April and from September to ...

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo today
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the major global cities of the world. The divergence in architectural styles shows just how far Tokyo has come from being a traditional Japanese village to becoming one of the major power centers of the world both politically and economically. Traditional ryokans and buildings such as the Imperial Palace and other temples are flanked by ultra-modern glass and steel towers that dot the skyline of the city. Tokyo has a huge subway and rail system making the city one of the busiest in the world. Construction projects are a constant in this city; restaurant

Tokyo back then
Tokyo started out as Edo; a little known traditional fishing village. In the beginning of the 17th century Edo was made a capital of sorts by the Shogun Ieyasu. Under his rule, Edo became larger in terms of population size and in terms of the power it wielded undermining Kyoto (the traditional imperial capital). After the middle of the 19th century when Shogun rule came to an end the Emperor Meiji settles in Edo ushering in imperial rule once again after a long lapse of almost 300 years. Tokyo was struck by the tragedy of the Great Kanto Earthquake in the 1920s which left hundreds of thousands

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
This is one of Tokyo’s most lavish hotels housed in the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower. This hotel is als
Okura Hotel
This is another of Tokyo’s extravagant hotels. It is located near the American embassy and is popu
Park Hyatt Tokyo
This is one of Tokyo’s most extravagant hotels housed in the Shinjuku Park Tower- a glass architec
Royal Park Hotel Tokyo
This is one of Tokyo’s most popular hotels. The location of this hotel is excellent- it is located
The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
This is another of Tokyo’s extravagant hotels. It is located within the tallest building of Tokyo.
Ginza Washington Hotel
This hotel has an excellent location with Matsuzakaya Shopping Mall close by. The décor is practica

This department store caters to the well to do residents of Tokyo. International as well as local la
Japan Sword
This is a must stop for any tourists visiting Tokyo. As evident from the name this store specializes
Japan Traditional Craft Center
This center is huge and sells a vast variety of beautiful Japanese arts and crafts. These include bo
This is one of Tokyo’s oldest department stores. Its grandeur is still reflected in its architectu
This shop comprises of three buildings, two of which house apparel and the third of which houses fur
Takashimaya Times Square
This department store is colossal with ten floors containing everything from apparel, shoes, accesso

Tokyo International Film Festival
This event is held annually. It lasts one whole week and the venue is Roppongi Hills. Japanese films
Tokyo Summer Festival
This festival lasts one whole month and is held annually. It is characterized by a vast array of per
The September Basho
This event is held annually in the month of September. The venue is the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall.
Japan Fashion Week
This event takes place twice every year. The city and its residents become gripped with excitement o
Tokyo Jazz Festival
This festival is held annually at the Tokyo International Forum. Jazz artists and bands from around
Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament
This event is held annually. It lasts one week and takes place at the Ariake Colosseum. This is a wo

Cuisine: Japanese
Address: 2-2-2 Nishi Asakusa
Tel: 03-3844-9502
Website: none
Cuisine: Kaiseki
Address: 3-4-27 Roppongi
Tel: 03-3585-6600
Website: none
Nobu Tokyo
Cuisine: Japanese/ International
Address: 4-1-28 Toronomon, Asakasa
Tel: 03-5733-0070
Cuisine: Japanese
Address: 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Ginza and Hibiya
Tel: 03-3201-3021
Waentei Kikko
Cuisine: Kaiseki
Address: 2-2-13 Asakusa
Tel: 03-5828-8833
Website: www.waentei
Cuisine: Thai
Address: 5-5-1 Roppongi
Tel: 03-3404-5741
Website: none

Fast Facts
     Tokyo is located on the Eastern side of the Honshu Island. It is bordered by Saitama in the North, Yamanashi to the West, Kanagawa to the South and the Chiba prefecture to the East.          -Dialing code     +3       -Emergency numbers     Police - 110     Fire- 119     Ambulance- 119         -Population     12 million
    -Languages     Japanese, English          -Time zone     GMT +9         -Average January temperatures     6 Degrees Celsius
    -Average July temperatures     25 Degrees Celsius
       -Annual rainfall      60 inches

Panasonic Center
Japan is famed for the rapid technological advances it has made and the high quality electronics that it churns out. The Panasonic Center ...
Health and Safety in Tokyo
Tokyo is an extremely safe city and has enjoyed this reputation for a long time now. However, for those travelling in Tokyo there are some ...

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