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Titanic Theatre Restaurant - Melbourne, Australia


The Titanic Theatre Restaurant welcomes diners aboard a replica of the doomed ocean liner.  A choice of steerage class, first class and captain’s table offers three different menus with appetizers, main courses, desserts and corresponding pricing and services. There are period outfits to wear and plenty of food, dancing and entertainment to transport you back to this glamorous era. For a night, you can feel like you’re really on the Ship of Dreams.


Ogori Café - Japan

Located in Kashiwa, Japan, this seemingly normal café serves up a surprise for its patrons. Aptly named “ogori”, which is Japanese for “treat someone to”, what you get is actually what the person before you ordered, and what you ordered will be served to the person in line after you. With this knowledge, you can either be generous or stingy, but you still won’t know what you’re in for.

Shinok - Moscow


This kitschy restaurant has an interior designed to look like a Ukrainian farmhouse, complete with live farm animals, wooden furniture, embroidered tablecloths, folk music and waitresses dressed in traditional clothing. The homey food and beverages are delicious but for simple peasants’ fare, you’ll still end up racking up quite a bill.

2 Ulitsa 1905 Goda, Moscow, 123100

+7 495 255 0204


Cereality - US


Cereality is a simple execution of a playful concept. For those who enjoy a particular breakfast staple all day long, this chain dresses up cereal and oatmeal with all sorts of fruit and candy toppings and serves it in white take-out containers. You’ll even feel like you’re at your own kitchen table.


Ninja New York


Ninja New York goes to great lengths to give diners an over-the-top experience. Amid the tumbling and shouting of other ninjas, waiters in black ninja costumes lead you through a subterranean labyrinth designed to look like the back alleys and castles of feudal Japan. The expensive French-Japanese-American fusion food is geared toward gimmicks, but even so, dining at Ninja New York makes for a fun and memorable experience.

25 Hudson Street, TriBeCa


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